Our services bring us closer to our people. With the largest network across the Baltics, we can ensure that our services put us where our clients need us to be. We understand that convenience is the key and strive to make our services easily accessible to all.


We deliver all parcels as soon as possible. Our commitment to offering faster-than-average speeds ensures that our customers can enjoy fast and reliable service, regardless of their location.


We deliver shipments accurately and on time. Our customers can choose when their items are delivered and have peace of mind, knowing that they will arrive on time. They can track and manage shipments until their successful arrival at their destination, which makes our service transparent and reliable.


Our e-services make it easier to send and receive packages. We prioritize seamless, user-friendly services. Parcel and letter delivery tracking tools, integrated international networks, and international services are seamlessly combined into local services and omnichannel experiences.

Environmental and social responsibility

We take responsibility for a cleaner and greener environment and for the well-being and joy of our people. We take pride in our services being designed with sustainability in mind and strive to maintain the lowest possible carbon footprint throughout our business operations. Wherever possible, we use recycled and reusable packaging materials and alternative modes of transport, such as our electric fleet. Our mission is to operate our business in a responsible manner that positively impacts the environment and society.

Customer experience

Our aim is to create a service culture built on placing customers' needs and satisfaction above everything else. Our objective is to offer sustainable pricing and seamless, top-notch customer experience across all our channels.