We want to be the preferred logistics operator by providing seamless omnichannel service with a strong commitment and in a sustainable way by 2026.

Sustainability is at the heart of our daily business activities and long-term strategy. We consistently implement sustainable practices and technologies to reduce the environmental footprint of our operations and increase the positive impact. We aim to inspire our business partners to follow in our eco-footsteps. We take pride in playing an important social role in the markets we operate and aim to create a joyful work environment for our employees while engaging our broader communities.

Our commitment

Omniva´s sustainability efforts are focused on three key areas: preferred and trusted service provider, clean and green environment, and joyful place to work. Those focuses are at the core of our business and also tied to Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) agreed by the United Nations in 2015. To extend our support to global sustainable development, Omniva´s commitment is centered around six selected SDGs which provide a clear foundation for managing and measuring our progress in the chosen sustainability key focus areas.
In all of those, we have clearly identified ambitious targets and supporting roadmaps, we invest in sustainable solutions and continuously evaluate our progress.

For our community

Preferred service provider

Our community is at the core of our business. We believe that collaborating with local communities leads to mutual, sustainable growth. We are the region’s preferred logistics operator because we gain the trust of our customers and partners through consistent, professional and sustainable service. We bring global communities closer together.

For our planet

Clean and green environment

Our responsibility to the environment does not end with reducing our CO2 emissions. We have made our entire approach to consumption more eco-friendly, including our choice of packaging, recycling procedures and transportation options. Omniva is committed to fostering a sustainable culture from within, but we also cooperate with suppliers and partners who share our values and dedication to sustainability.

For our people

Joyful place to work

Omniva is honoured to be a leading employer in the Baltics. We know that our success is contingent on the motivation and satisfaction of our employees. We strive to build a work culture that prioritizes well-being by involving employees in decision-making, providing a supportive and inclusive environment, and equal opportunities for all. Our happy workplace ensures everyone is engaged and committed to Omniva’s shared goals.

Sustainability reports

Get acquainted with our reports and other ESG related materials.