The personal parcel boxes of Parcelsea will be called Picapac

The personal parcel boxes of Parcelsea will be called Picapac

The personal parcel boxes of Parcelsea, where parcels can be left by all courier companies, grocery stores that deliver to home, and private persons, will be called Picapac.

A personal parcel box can be rented by anyone and installed outside a business building or at the front door of a home, making it convenient to receive and send parcels.

‘Developments in e-commerce and changes in parcel services require rapid adaptation in logistics, flexible service provision, and innovative solutions – parcel volumes are growing, people want to receive their parcels faster and more conveniently,’ said Mait Mikker, Network Development Manager of Picapac. ‘It is very important for us that the parcel machine network is open and all the parcels reach their destination. Thanks to the personal parcel box, parcels can be picked up and sent without having to go anywhere, and you do not have to make an appointment with anyone to send or receive your parcel. This saves time and money.’

According to Mikker, there are currently just over 800 personal parcel boxes in Estonia, of which about 60% are located in Tallinn and Harju County. 80% of Picapac’s parcel boxes are used by personal customers and 20% by business customers. 

The personal parcel box has three compartments for letters, newspapers, parcels of different sizes, and groceries. All courier companies and even private persons can drop off parcels at the personal parcel box, as the compartments in the box are open and lock only after the compartment has been closed.

‘We want the use and image of our parcel box to be easily understood by everyone across the Baltics, Picapac name helps to make it clearer by saying: pick a pack,’ said Mikker.

The name change only concerns the network of personal parcel boxes – the Estonian start-up Parcelsea, which deals with manufacturing, will not change its name. 

The name change will also not affect the use of the personal parcel box service. ‘We will continue with pilot projects, listen to customer feedback and continuously develop the service accordingly,’ Mikker said.

You can order a Picapac personal parcel box from