Reduction in emissions by 2030.


Share of reusable, recyclable or compostable packaging in all packaging sold by 2026.


Renewable energy consumption in own facilities by 2030.

Key areas of impact and action

Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Omniva´s greenhouse gas emissions reduction goals showcase our dedication to environmental responsibility. We commit to significant reductions across our operations delivered by changing the fleet we use to electric, increasing the usage of biofuels, optimising our routes, and engaging our employees as well as customers and partners. It is important that our supply chain adheres to the same high environmental and social standards so we can together actively work towards a sustainable future by minimizing our impact on the climate and maximising our positive environmental handprint.

Energy consumption

Our goal is to do things more effectively and to reduce our impact on the planet. We are committed to introducing innovative solutions that diversify our energy consumption across our operations. In our office buildings and logistics centres, we strive for best-in-class in terms of energy efficiency, usage of solar power, and more. This goes hand in hand with delivering the best solutions and our long-term view of valuing sustainable and responsible business.

Packaging waste

We focus on developing solutions to significantly minimize packaging waste throughout our supply chain, thus setting a new industry standard for sustainability. As excessive packaging contributes significantly to environmental degradation and delivering packages is at the core of our business we see value in engaging our employees and customers – through different educational activities and a predefined code of conduct for sustainable business practices for our supply chain.