Renewed Code of Conduct for Omniva Group 

Renewed Code of Conduct for Omniva Group 

Omniva’s Supervisory Council confirmed a renewed Code of Conduct.  

Omniva Group is committed to upholding the highest standards of integrity and ethical conduct to continue being a trustworthy partner to its employees, suppliers, and business partners. As a company, we apply international standards on human rights, working conditions, environment, and business ethics, and always strive to reach more than what is required by applicable laws and regulations.  

We expect the same level of responsible conduct from our employees, suppliers, and business partners to maintain good long-term business relationships and positive cooperation. Currently, the Code of Conduct is attached to all employee and partner agreements. 

Anyone requiring explanations or instructions in conduct-related issues or wishing to report any suspicions of Code of Conduct violation is encouraged to contact Ethics Committee by writing to the following addresses: (in Estonia); (in Latvia); (in Lithuania).